*******Ausfind International is an experienced and progressive, specialist supply organisation, that tailors merchandise to suit your needs

Shane Sinclair

The Owner – Shane Sinclair, has supplied Corporate Australia, Quality Service and Unique promotional & giftware merchandise, for the last 15 years.

It was recognised early on, that customers were after unique or customised products, to make them stand out in the market place.

Having previously established a Quality International & Australian Supply network that would satisfy this need,
Ausfind International was created in 2006.

Customers deserve to receive quality merchandise solutions and exceptional personalised service, at a fair price.

“Our Aim – To be the Best”
What Ausfind International Provides

We Provide – Tailored Merchandise Solutions that –

We source Quality, Value for Money Merchandise, that is suited to your requirements.

With a combination of over 25 years Sales / Marketing and Sourcing experience, we are well known in the market place and bring years of knowledge and expertise, in meeting clients special needs.

What Defines Our Success

Customer Focus built around Business Integrity and Quality Personalised Service

Personalised Customer Service

Long Term Customer Relationships

Customisation of Quality Merchandise to suit our customers requirements

Extensive International and Australian Supply Chain Knowledge

What this Means To You – Our Customer

Tailored Merchandise Solutions that –

Experienced Advice and Support – Allowing You to Achieve the desired results, without the need for time consuming research.

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